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Let's make all your wedding sign dreams come true.

But first...tell me about your wedding style.  

Are you romantic, lacy, florals?  Or rustic burlap and mason jars?  Perhaps sleek and modern...or classic formal.  If you can give me 3-5 words that describe your wedding aesthetic, it will go a long way towards the design process.  Need help?  Just ask!

What are your wedding colors?  What signs do you envision at your wedding?  Do you want signs for both the ceremony and reception?  Do you have photo inspiration or Pinterest boards I can see?

What are 3 things you MUST have included in your big day?  These can be anything - some ideas include things like fresh flowers, your grandmother's bracelet, a photobooth, fairy lights, converse sneakers....whatever makes your wedding stand out and feel uniquely YOURS.

Is there anything you absolutely cannot stand, and need to keep as far away from you and your wedding? 

Tell me a little about yourself, your proposal, or how you met.

Is there anything else I should know?

Don't forget to include the pertinent information like Bride/Groom names, wedding date, and location!

I can't wait to work with you!

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